Reasons to Learn with IFTS

  • You will see a distinct and immediate difference in your son/daughters' driving.
  • You may find yourself saying & meaning "you drive really well – I feel safe and trust your driving"
  • These are also essential courses for drivers who may be nervous or daunted, by any particular road condition or situation.
  • Perhaps your concern is with merging, parking, freeways, other drivers, night driving, hidden roads, big trucks, bridges, etc... If you can feel tension in your shoulders or arms in any driving situation ... we can help!
  • A relaxed confident driver is safer and less likely to freeze in an incident.
  • A Parent, family or friends can teach you the basics of driving and road rules, but being a driver is not a qualification for training.
  • Parents and others tend to panic if a possible incident unfolds.
  • A parent is emotionally involved with their son or daughter, making it harder to be objective in assessing their driving and there is often a sense of competition - "you have to drive as well as me!"
  • Their car is not equipped to stop or prevent an accident or incident - if something goes wrong you often just hang on and hope you come out ok.
  • Great for Probationary and inexperienced drivers or anyone lacking confidence.
  • Your confidence, understanding and knowledge will be vastly changed by this course.
  • You will gain invaluable road experience, while developing practical proactive driving skills.
  • We encourage you, educate you, build your confidence and teach you skills.
  • Discuss your fears or concerns with us and we will build your skills to beat these issues, encourage you and get your confidence and capability on track.
  • We will personalise the training to address any personal concerns.

You will gain broad knowledge & skills such as:

  • The difference between Proactive drivers and Defensive drivers
  • Learn to drive proactively, rather than reactively
  • Road laws & learner licensing
  • The importance of attitude & behaviour
  • Hazard perception & management
  • Vehicle dynamics & balance
  • Vehicle safety systems & maintenance
  • Emergency braking distances
  • Adverse conditions
  • Common crash causes and what happens in a crash
  • Effects of fatigue, alcohol & drugs
  • Greater awareness, proactive safe attitudes and confidence for new driver
  • This proactive education component will give you an edge on other drivers!
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions either!
  • We pick up/drop off at your home at most locations in Calgary, depending of distance (other locations by agreement i.e. school/work)
  • Flexible lesson times and days
  • Competitive pricing
  • Regular hours and genuine after hours booking service 7 days/week (by phone/ email)


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Calgary Alberta, T3E 0B7
Phone: 403 242 0062