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 This course includes classroom as well as one-on-one in-car instructions.
In-car time is 5 lessons of 2 hours. Pick up & drop off at home or School.


This course contains the same course material as BC10 with additional time.
In-car time is 8 lessons of 2 hours. Pick up & drop off at home or School.


This course contains the same course material as BC10 and BC16 with additional time.
In-car time is 10 lessons of 2 hours. Pick up & drop off at home or School.


Our driving certification course includes classroom time as well as one-on-one in-car time with an instructor. In-car time is 3 lessons of 2 hours. Pick up & drop off at home or School.

About IFTS Driving School

At IFTS DRIVING SCHOOL we offer exceptional driver training programs for beginner drivers. Our courses ensure that new drivers develop good scanning habits while driving as well as a positive attitude for sharing the roads. Learner Proactive courses feature a combination of theory and practical training conducted in a dual controlled car supervised by a professional and fully qualified Driver Instructor.

Online Classrooms

We offer an online classroom option for students to complete the 15-hour classroom instruction component of each Beginners Driving Course. The online format provides students with the flexibility to complete the classroom component at their own pace.


You will see a distinct and immediate difference in your child’s son/daughters' driving.


You may find yourself saying & meaning "you drive really well – I feel safe and trust your driving"


These are also essential courses for drivers who may be nervous or daunted, by any particular road condition or situation.


Perhaps your concern is with merging, parking, freeways, other drivers, night driving, hidden roads, big trucks, bridges, etc...


If you can feel tension in your shoulders or arms in any driving situation.




Our instructors have over 26+ years of experience teaching beginners and fleet, helping students and companies to ensure the driving safety of their employees and teaching individuals everything they need to know to excel at driving in Alberta and around the world. Our instructors are also fluent in Spanish.


Alberta Transportation Approved

Why Choose IFTS for  Driving Training?

Driving is not just about rules, but about being relaxed, confident and proactive. At IFTS, we help you overcome your fears, develop your skills and become a safer driver. No matter your level, we have a course for you. Learn with IFTS and get the best driving training.


Your confidence, understanding and knowledge will be vastly changed after our school.


A parent or a friend is not a qualified trainer and may panic or be biased in teaching you how to drive.


Great for Probationary and inexperienced drivers or anyone lacking confidence.


We will personalise the training to address any personal concerns.